Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

A Lesson in Team Building

So Happy Together~

harido_head.pngHarido Gen

It’ll be a bit more than two days before the team reaches Cloud City… City of Violence.
There isn’t a whole lot to do on a ship that has bare supplies. Though Dewpirr seems to have downloaded some computer games from somewhere. How hes getting decent signal while traveling faster than Light Harido can’t comprehend. C4 seems to favor his new weapon, he never got to use it much since we had to run from our last encounter. Cyran though.. seems to talk to himself a lot lately, Sometimes hes seen concentrating on some die as if to move it with his mind? Then for long periods of times he’ll go “meditating” in his “chambers.” Otherwise Harido and Cyran occupy themselves with a few games of Sabacc.

And now from the personal logs of Harido Gen; Character Assessments

c4lego.pngAssessment Rating: A

C-4ES, a protocol droid. I remember when he was just a mobile Dejarik table, then Needa repurposed him. And for the better I think. Useful thing he is, deadly with a gun, can take a beating, and should he go down, we can just repair him. Not much for conversation though, and had some sort of issue with The Great Zale. Still our team would probably be dead if he wasn’t going all gun ho and taking the shots for us. For that, he gets a solid A rating.

dewp.png Assessment Rating: B-

Dewpirr, a wookie. Has the social skills of a mop, but what he lacks in grace he makes up for in tech knowledge. He was brought into our team as the slicer and while he is good at it, he has put our team in jeopardy by installing that weird BothanDime shit. Hes not afraid to play the wookie card, which is always good for a laugh. But when it comes down to it, hes not afraid to fight, and his tech skills has gotten the job done. For that he gets a B-.

cyran_mini.png Assessment Rating: C

Jeran Cyran, a human. Sabacc obsessed and useless. When hes not yelling in my ear hes saying sweet things to our targets… and usually fails. I suppose he did get us in the good graces of The Great Zale. From what I heard it was with a really good letter. Perhaps he should become a writer? But ever since he was touched by the crazy old beggar lady hes been.. different. Perhaps a bit.. unnatural? Anyways for letting us become great pals with The Great Zale, he gets a not that bad, C rating.

awesome_rodian.jpg Assessment Rating: Over 9000

Harido Gen, wait thats me! Rodian super spy, the Rodian of a thousand skills, Heroido Gen they should call him. I guess it wouldn’t be fair to rate myself. So lets leave it at this.


insanityv2 theneoianone

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