Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Auction Gala Guest List

Dossiers on the Guests by Valus Shen

Kaltho the Hutt

Kaltho is a prominent member of the Hutt Cartel, with enough power and influence to operate in the colonial sector, right in Imperial space. He has a criminal portfolio similar to most of his ilk: smuggling, arms dealing, racketeering and the like.

Accompanied by a small entourage human bodyguard Kerek and Bothan majordomo Sal Vaneth, and a protocol droid DZ-3PO. My sources say he doesn’t like mingling and uses his entourage to insulate himself from the other guests. Which may be to your advantage… you do recall that you fellows are wanted by the Hutt Cartel? Be careful around Kaltho. He may not have concerned himself with your bounty but he is definitely aware of the assassination of your prior employer.

Shreya Ordassa

Shreya Ordassa is a professor of Xenoarcheology from the University of Sanbra. She was loaned out as an independent consultant by the University of Sanbra to the Grayson expedition which uncovered the Jewel of Yavin. The University of Sanbra would not like the gem for research purposes, and the University hopes that her prior connection to Grayson and the other members of the expedition will give her an edge in acquiring the gem.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. A cursory search on Professor Ordassa’s name on the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation reveal that as a graduate student, she had a restraining order taken out on one of the gala’s other guests, Mil Mikkir. I have no idea if Ordassa knows that Mikkir will be at this event as well.

Mil Mikkir

The Mikkir family is Coruscant nobility, and Mil Mikkir is apparently their wayward middle child, having enjoyed an upbringing of luxury and wealth and having accomplished absolutely nothing with the advantages he has been afforded in life. He briefly attended the University of Coruscant, then transferred after his first year to the University of Sanbra (whereupon Professor Ordassa, then a graduate student, took out a restraining order against him).

Other than that, he appears rather uninteresting. He has a minor criminal record including spice possession, disturbing the peace, operating an airspeeder while under the influence.

He will be accompanied by a bodyguard droid, IG-72.


There is scarce information available on this one. Elaiza (no last name) appears to be an eccentric noblewoman from Corellia that uses her late husband’s money to dabble in various… hobbies. I have records of her spending her inheritence on cloud car racing lessons, exotic pets, venture capital initiatives… Apparently today she is an art collector.

A strange woman, but as far as my extensive research as uncovered, harmless.

Vorse Tabarith

My son-in-law. You might recall you broke into his home during your first day on Cloud City? You might want to avoid bringing that up if you speak to him.

Mr. Tabarith is ostensibly a shipping magnate but my daughter tells me that a great deal of his wealth comes from other, less than legal, extracurriculars as it were. Apparently he is a major player in the Cloud City underworld, such as it is. He will be attending at my daughter’s behest, but he is not part of our plan. As far as he knows, he is buying Aris a gift.

Zekra Fol

Ostensibly Ms. Fol is a the representative of a mining consortium whose interest in the gem is primarily industrial. She apparently hopes to use the gem to help the mining consortium locate more such gems, somehow.

However Ms. Fol has been entirely too curious about the other guests including my daughter and her husband for my liking. My sources tell me she has been asking around trying to gather intel on the other bidders. It’s all very suspicious. I would be careful around her.

Fara Morrow

Your pilot. As far as I know she is not planning on attending the gala, which is perhaps for the best. The fewer uncontrolled variables in a plan like this the better.


And of course C-4 is on the guest list as well, this being the entire purpose of your competing in the Cloud City Grand Prix earlier today. As a droid, he will be expected to have a human escort.


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