Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

C-4ES Match Log # 7 Vs. Ambulatory Scrap Heap


Turn 1 BEGIN

Turn 1, Black:

  • [Rules and Regulations] to [Cloud City Spaceport]
  • [Docking Guy] to [Docking Bay]

Turn 1, White:

  • [The Storm’s Shadow] to [Cloud City Spaceport]
  • [Cloud City Spaceport] attempts to acquire [The Storm’s Shadow ID]
  • Failure!
  • [Wookie] uses technique [Some Sort of Hacker Trick]
  • Asset acquired: [The Storm’s Shadow ID – Registered to “The Daily Rodian”]
  • [The Storm’s Shadow] to [Docking Bay]
  • [Docking Guy] attempts to acquire [Credit Chit For Docking Fees]
  • [Rodian] uses asset: [Zebb’s Wallet] on [Docking Guy]
  • Counterplay by [Docking Guy]: [That’s Not Your Picture on This Crdit Chit]
  • Counterplay by [Human]: [That’s Our Editor]
  • Counterplay by [Docking Guy]: [Bribe Me]
  • [Rodian] used asset: [20 credits] on [Docking Guy]

Turn 1, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 2 BEGIN

Turn 2, Black:

  • [Old Age] to [Ever Closer to the Organics]

Turn 2, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Cantina 4 1/2]
  • [Rodian] attempts to acquire [Useful Information] from [Cantina 4 1/2 Bartender]
  • [Rodian] obtains [Cheap Drinks]
  • [All Pieces] to [The Storm’s Shadow]
  • [Rodian] attempts to acquire [Useful Information] from [Reelo]
  • [Reelo] advises: [Talk to Caer Oktra’ag]
  • [Wookie] attempts to acquire [Address – Aris Shen], [Address- Caer Oktra’ag] from [Directory]
  • Failure!
  • [Human] attempts to acquire [Address – Aris Shen], [Address- Caer Oktra’ag] from [Directory]
  • Success!

Turn 2, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 3 BEGIN

Turn 3, Black:

  • [The World] to [Farther Along its Orbit]

Turn 3, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Caer Oktra’ag’s Mechanics Shop]
  • [Rodian] uses asset: [Reelo’s Name]
  • [All Pieces] obtain [Valuable Information – “Project Eclipse” and Needa’s Death] from [Caer Oktra’ag]

Turn 3, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 4 BEGIN

Turn 4, Black:

  • [Sheltered Tourists] to [Turbolift]

Turn 4, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Turbolift]
  • [Sheltered Tourists] use technique [Justified Distrust] on [Wookie] and [Rodian]
  • [Turbolift] to [Concourse Level]
  • [Sheltered Tourists] to [Anywhere In a Hurry]

Turn 4, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 5 BEGIN

Turn 5, Black:

  • [Impertinent Cretins] to [Military and Combat Robotics Trade Show and Tech Demo]
  • [Some Lady] to [Employee Only Door]

Turn 5, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Military and Combat Robotics Trade Show and Tech Demo]
  • [Impertinent Cretins] attempt to acquire [Tickets] from [All Pieces]
  • [Impertinent Cretins] use tactic [Honest Mistake – Mistake C-4ES for Military Trade Show Robot]
  • [Impertinent Cretins] attempt technique [Dire Mistake – Attach Restraining Bolt to C-4ES]
  • Failure! Counterplay by [C-4ES]: [Verbal Lashing]
  • [Rodian] attempts to acquire information regarding: [Press Passes]
  • [Impertinent Cretins] recommend tactic: [Go Check at Employee Only Door]
  • [All Pieces] to [Employee Only Door]
  • [Some Lady] attempts to acquire information: [What Publication Are You With?]
  • [Human] uses technique [Weirdo Mind Powers] on [Some Lady]
  • Informaiton acquired: [“Coruscant Herald” Press Passes Unclaimed]
  • [Human] uses technique [Lie] on [Some Lady]
  • Asset acquired: [“coruscant Herald” Press Passes]

Turn 5, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 6 BEGIN

Turn 6, Black:

  • [Superior Guns] to [Military and Combat Robotics Trade Show and Tech Demo]
  • [Inferior Military Droids] to [Military and Combat Robotics Trade Show and Tech Demo]
  • [Hopeless Fool] to [Baktoid Shooting Range]
  • [Ambulatory Scrap Heap] to [Baktoid Shooting Range]

Turn 6, White:

  • Assets acquired from [Show Floor Booths]: [Press Kit], [Sorosuub T-Shirt, Wookie Size]
  • [C-4ES] uses temporary asset: [Sorosuub VX2 “Vortex”] on [Target Dummy]
  • [Hopeless Fool] uses technique [Ridiculous Sales Pitch] on [All Pieces]
  • [Hopeless Fool] uses technique [Assert Superiority of Ambulatory Scrap Heap Over C-4ES]
  • [C-4ES] effortlessly takes piece [Victory in Shooting Contest with Ambulatory Scrap Heap]
  • [C-4ES] acquires asset [Prize Denoting Superior Droid]

Turn 6, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 7 BEGIN

Turn 7, Black:

  • [Enemies] to [Somewhere, Probably]
  • [Presentation Speaker] to [Warhammer Jet Troopers Presentation]

Turn 7, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Warhammer Jet Troopers Demonstration]
  • [All Pieces] observe [Similarities to Heavy Troopers at Attack on Red Palace]
  • [Rodian] attempts to acquire [Information on Warhammer Involvement With Needa’s Death] from [Presentation Speaker]
  • [Presentation Speaker] is [Confused]
  • [Wookie] uses technique: [Hack Video Screens – Show Attack on the Red Palace]
  • [Wookie] attempts technique: [Shut Video Off Before Cag’Jufo’s Bounty Message About Us]
  • Failure!
  • [All Pieces] to [The Hell Out of There]

Turn 7, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 8 BEGIN

Turn 8, Black:

  • [Confused Doorman] to [Aris Shen’s House]
  • [Confused Gunmen] to [Aris Shen’s House – Upper Floor]

Turn 8, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Aris Shen’s House]
  • [Confused Doorman] requests information: [Who We Are]
  • Information given: [Crew of The Storm’s Shadow]
  • [All Pieces] to [Aris Shen’s House – Upper Floor]
  • [Confused Gunmen] are [Confused]
  • [Confused Gunmen] request information: [Who We Are]
  • information given: [Crew of The Storm’s Shadow]
  • [Confused Gunmen] request information: [Whereabouts of Bekk]
  • Information given: [Data Not Found]
  • [All Pieces] request information: [Aris Shen’s Whereabouts]
  • [Confused Gunmen] give information: [Dunno]
  • [Confused Gunmen] give asset: [Aris Shen’s Phone Number]

Turn 8, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 9 BEGIN

Turn 9, Black:

  • [Sun] to [Low In the Sky]

Turn 9, White:

  • [Rodian] uses asset: [Aris Shen’s Phone Number]
  • [Aris Shen] requests information: [Who We Are]
  • Information given: [Crew of The Storm’s Shadow]
  • [Aris Shen] gives information: [Address to Apartment]
  • [All Pieces] to [Apartment]
  • [Aris Shen] and [Valus Shen] request information: [Our Names]
  • Information given: [Our Names]
  • [Valus Shen] acquires information: [Our Bounties]
  • [Valus Shen] uses tactic: [Blackmail Us Into Helping Him With His Robbery]
  • [All Pieces] use technique: [Shrug and Agree]
  • [Valus Shen] gives information: [Lore Dump], [Details of Robbery]
  • [All Pieces] to [The Storm’s Shadow]

Turn 9, END
Match END

Winner: C-4ES


insanityv2 Kaenrin

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