Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

C-4ES Match Log # 8 Vs. Raceists


Turn 1 BEGIN

Turn 1, Black:

  • [Addiction] to [Anyone…Even You]

Turn 1, White:

  • [Wookie] uses asset: [Scrap Metal] to create [Makeshift Disguise]
  • [C-4ES] uses [Makeshift Disguise]
  • [Rodian] attempts to acquire [Information on a Pilot] from [Valus Shen]
  • Location added: [Bar – The Podracer’s Retirement]
  • [Valus Shen] recommends tactic: [Talk to Mechanic Zabros at “The Podracer’s Retirement”]
  • [C-4ES] recommends tactic: [All Pieces to “The Podracer’s Retirement”]
  • [Rodian], [Human], and [Wookie] to [Cantina 4 1/2]
  • [Rodian], [Human], and [Wookie] acquire asset: [Many Cheap Drinks – Before Noon]
  • [C-4ES] uses technique [Heavy Sigh]

Turn 1, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 2 BEGIN

Turn 2, Black:

  • [Bad Business] to [Caer Oktra’ag’s Slicer Friend]

Turn 2, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Caer’s Shop]
  • [Caer] gives information: [Slicer Friend Missing]
  • [Caer] gives assets: [Mysterious List (Name, Race, Gender, Planet, Sector, Experimental Viability)]
    [Record of Payments between Grand Moff Zaraya and Vigo Zera]
    [Star Coordinates for Research Station – Graphlovin Sector (Sector overseen by Zaraya)]
  • [Caer] [Voices Apprehension in Continuing Research]
  • [Human] uses technique [Words] on [Caer]
  • [Caer] [Agrees to Continue Research]

Turn 2, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 3 BEGIN

Turn 3, Black:

  • [Other Racers] use technique [Be Better Than Us]

Turn 3, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Shen Garage]
  • [Shen’s Cloud Car] uses technique [Look Pretty Good]
  • [Human] attempts to acquire information regarding [Other Racers] from [Nearby Mechanics]
  • Success! Information Acquired: [Top Condenders – Stormhawks, Carrae Razor, Carbine Perry]
  • [All Pieces] to [The Podracer’s Retirement]
  • [Human] finds [Zabros]
  • [Rodian] buys [High-Quality Booze]
  • [Rodian] exchanges [High-Quality Booze] for [Information – Rules of Cloud Car Race],
    [Information – Addresses of Garages of Top Contenders] [Information – Available Pilots]
  • [All Pieces] use technique [Deliberate on Which Pilot to Hire]
  • [Young Human Female Pilot (Fara Morrow)] chosen over [Shifty Alien Male Pilot (Copuri)]
  • Results within expected parameters

Turn 3, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 4 BEGIN

Turn 4, Black:

  • [Security Droid] to [Carbine Garage]
  • [Incompetent Security Guards] to [Carbine Garage]
  • [Laser Gate] to [the vents]

Turn 4, White:

  • [Human] takes piece [Security Droid]
  • [Wookie] uses technique [Rip Security Droid’s Still-Warm Power Supply Out of Its Chest]
  • [Rodian], [Human] to [the vents]
  • [Wookie] uses technique [Cut Power]
  • [Wookie] takes piece [Laser Gate]
  • [Wookie] to [the vents]
  • [Incompetent Security Guards] use techniques [Bicker Over Who Has to Go Reset the Breaker],
    [Mistake a Wookie Awkwardly Stumbling Through the Vents For A Common Vermin]
  • [Human], [Rodian], and [Wookie] enter [Garage Interior]
  • [Wookie] uses technique [Sabotage III] on [Carbine Perry’s Cloud Car]
  • [All Pieces] to [Outside]
  • Asset acquired: [Security Droid’s Corpse]
  • [Security Droid’s Corpse] sold to [Scrapmonger] for [4,000 Credits]

Turn 4, END
Advantage: C-4ES

//Note: I would be horrified at their actions towards that security droid, but they do the same thing towards other organics,
//so I can hardly claim it isn’t fair of them.

Turn 5 BEGIN

Turn 5, Black:

  • [Hapless Mechanics] to [Razor Garage]
  • [Competent Security Guards] to [Razor Garage]

Turn 5, White:

  • [Rodian] to [Cantina 4 1/2]
  • [Rodian] uses technique [Spread Rumors – The Stormhawks Are Sabotaging the Other Racers]
  • [All Pieces] to [“Pheremone” Fil’s Seedy Shop]
  • [Rodian] acquires [Quick Flash Burning Gel]
  • [Human] acquires [Grenades], [Velker Pheremones], [Fil’s Lasting Friendship]
  • [All Pieces] to [Razor Garage]
  • [Rodian] uses asset: [Quick Flash Burning Gel] on [Razor Garage Door]
  • [Hapless Mechanics] attempt to acquire information: [Who We Are]
  • [Rodian] attempts [Words – Lies]
  • Failure! [Hapless Mechanics] use counterplay [Trigger Alarm]
  • [Competent Security Guards] use asset: [Lasers] on [C-4ES]
  • [Hapless Mechanic] attempts to use asset: [Razor’s Car’s Gun]
  • Counterplay by [Human]
  • [Human] uses grenade on [Razor’s Car]
  • [C-4ES] takes pieces [Competent Security Guards], [Hapless Mechanic]
  • [Wookie] attempts technique: [Video Editing] on [Security Footage]
  • Success! [Security Footage] now [Security Footage Implicating Stormhawks]
  • [Human] uses asset: [Velker Pheremones] on Razor’s Car]
  • [All Pieces] to [The Storm’s Shadow]

Turn 5, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 6 BEGIN

Turn 6, Black:

  • [Every Other Racer] to [The Race]

Turn 6, White:

  • Team designation: [Crate DragonZ]
    //A name insisted upon by a majority of the team…
    //It’s not that I don’t get the pun, but…why the “Z”? Why is it capitalized…?
  • [All Pieces] to [The Race]
  • [Fara Morrow] to [Pilot’s Seat]
  • [C-4ES] to [Gunner’s Seat]
  • Begin mission: [Go Faster Than Every Other Racer]

Turn 6, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 7 BEGIN

Turn 7, Black:

  • [Stormhawks] attempts technique [Go Fast]
  • Failure!
  • [Razor] attempts technique [Go Fast]
  • Success!
  • [Carbine] attempts technique [Go At All]
  • Failure!

Turn 7, White:

  • [Fara Morrow] to [Front of the Pack]
  • Counterplay by [Stormhawks]: [Afterburners]
  • [Stormhawks] to [Front of the Pack]
  • Counterplay by [Carbine]: [Sucessfully Started Car]
  • [Carbine] to [End of the Pack]

Turn 7, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 8 BEGIN

Turn 8, Black:

  • [Tibannucks] to [Up In Our Grill]
  • [Other Racers] to [Up In Our Way]

Turn 8, White:

  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Tibannucks In Our Way]
  • [Stormhawks] [Dodge]
  • [Razor] is [Covered in Tibannucks]
  • [Carbine] is [Having a Bad Day]

Turn 8, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 9 BEGIN

Turn 9, Black:

  • [Beldons] to [Everywhere]
  • [Other Racers] to [Annoyingly Close]

Turn 9, White:

  • [Fara Morrow] uses technique [Swerve] on [Beldons]
  • [Stormhawks] use technique [Fly Over] on [Beldons]
  • [Razor] uses [Lasers] on [Beldons]
  • Counterplay by [Beldons]: [Explode]
  • [Razor] is [Blown off Course]
  • [Crate DragonZ] are [Okay]

Turn 9, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 10 BEGIN

Turn 10, Black:

  • [Razor] to [Back on Course]
  • [Velkers] to [Upon Us]

Turn 10, White:

  • [Velkers] to [Upon Razor]
  • [Stormhawks] to [Front of the Pack]
  • [Crate DragonZ] to [Front of the Pack]
  • [Tensions] to [High]
  • [Sweat] to [Foreheads]
  • [Crate DragonZ] to [Finish Line]
  • [Celebrations] to [All]
  • [Rodian] to [Crowdsurfing]
  • [Rodian] steals [Nice Watches]
  • [Wookie] buys [Another T-Shirt]
  • [Human] [Squeals with Delight]
  • Assets acquired: [Gold Medals], [Invitations to Auction],
    [Upfront Prize Money Payout – 2,000 Credits], [Fenced Stolen Watches – 1,000 Credits]

Turn 10, END
Match END

Winner: C-4ES


insanityv2 Kaenrin

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