Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Cloud City Adventures

Under Pressure

undercover.pngHarido Gen

What should’ve been a simple conversation turned into picking up some jerks obligations. Stuck on Cloud City until the team can convince Aris Shen to unlock the hyperdrive, they’re now involved in some elaborate heist. Its also dangerous to inquire anything further at the Robotics show, but at least they confirm that the Imperials were somehow involved with Needa’s assassination, but why? Why would they care about Nar Shaddaa… city of Violence.

With not much else to do, Harido decides to get some basic supplies for the ship. He takes Dewpirr with him.


Using some common street techniques he learned while growing up on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. Harido wanders around the common markets in Port Town. After spotting the target for some food he first makes note of any security and employees. He then unleashes the wookie.
With the employees now occupied with a seemingly upset wookie. Harido walks by the stall and snatches what he can.

1 Success, 2 Advantage
Some <food> acquired.

After noticing that Harido has moved away, Dewpirr settles the “complaint” with the shop owner and leave without incident.

Closer to night, before stores are closing up. Harido shares his plan with Dewpirr
" raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh"
“Trust me, this’ll work” -Harido
Dewpirr enters ‘Fabrics da Billy Dee’ and when no one is paying attention, finds some rugs that matches his fur and lays on them.

3 Failures, 2 Advantage

Upon closing the store, the clerk finds the wookie upon the rugs.
“Hey! Get out of here!”
“raaaaaah huugh wrgggh”
“Fell asleep huh? Well we’re closing up, hurry and get out”
Dewpirr leaves the store to find a disappointed Harido.
“Ok, we’ll have to do this a different way” -Harido

They wait until night and on the side of the store they find the electronic box. Dewpirr cuts a wire hoping to cut power…

0 Successes

And nothing happens.
He tries again…

3 Successes, 2 Advantage

Major success this time, this should buy plenty of time. With the power out, Harido picks the lock to the shop.

0 Successes, 1 Advantage

2 Successes, 1 Triumph

It takes a few tries but hes able to completely open the door without making a sound, no alarms sound, and there doesn’t appear to be any security in sight. Dewpirr meets up with Harido and they enter the store and go to town.

3 Successes, 1 Triumph

They escape with plenty of blankets, some nice linens and silks, clothing for Cyran and Harido, and return to the ship (now decorated with some nice curtains and rugs).



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