Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Farewell Nar Shaddaa

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

harido_head.pngHarido Gen

“Light Speed’s too slow”
“Light speed too slow?!” -Cyran
“Prepare ship.. for Ludicrous speed!”

And.. Harido is met with blank looks. Whatever… As The Storm’s Shadow jumps to hyperspace, he silently says farewell to the place that has long been his home. Goodbye Nar Shaddaa… Planet of Violence. Oh hes been off world before, but this time he knows theres no going back. Not until he can clear his name. Hopefully Reelo can help with that.

To: R3el0.narshaddaa.m1225g1


I’m sure you’ve heard from those bounty hunters that we escaped on a ship. For his protection we wont say how or where we’ve come to acquire it. Nor is it safe to say where we’re heading. Remind Cag’Jufo that we’ve done good work for him lately. I’ve served Needa loyally for years, why would I suddenly turn on him? Also it was us that found out the info about a possible Black Sun mole in the organization. Perhaps contact the two receptionists that were working that day? Was a cute twi’lek and some Togruta, hopefully they can collaborate that we were not part of the attack.
I know communication with us is risky, so stay safe my friend.


Harido asks the Wookie to bring up a schematic of the ship.
“Lets see what we got”
After bringing up the map, Dewpirr appears to continue looking into the ship’s systems. Wait… is he installing that Bothancoin crap?!
The rest of the group takes a quick inventory of the ship.
Qatja seems to have stripped the ship well, but there seems to be some scrap parts laying around. That might be of use for repairs. Some basic tools left behind as well. Theres plenty of rooms, but we lack blankets. The medical bay has a basic first aid kid.
We lack food, water, and basic survival gear. We’ll have to remedy this at Cloud City.

Harido has never been to Cloud City…

A quick tour of the ship
Harido sits here… apparently hes the most qualified pilot.

The med bay looks scary… lets hope no one gets injured enough to need to use it.


the lounge is nice though!


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