Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Military and Combat Robotics Trade Show and Tech Demo

Plaza Concourse Convention Center

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

  • The Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority
  • The Imperial Navy Military Technology Institute
  • Holowan Mechanicals

Keynote Speaker: Marus Grayson

Marus Grayson of the Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority will give a keynote address about the importance of private military contractors to the Imperial Navy and the war effort, and the Imperial government’s efforts to increase fruitful collaborations with civilian technology firms.

Live Demonstrations

Watch for these live demonstrations at the Ceres Stage at the back of the convention center.

WARHAMMER Jet Troopers – 13:00

Presenter: Imperial Navy Military Techonology Institute

B-X1200 – 15:00

Presenter: Baktoid Technologies

IG-X100 – 20:00

Presenter: Holowan Mechanicals

Featured Products1


Arakyd’s high end, anti-vehicle particle cannon combines features from their vehicular mounted designs and their anti-personnel ARC array gun.

Sorosuub VX2 “Vortex”

Sorosuub’s follow up to their venerated and feared VX Sidewinder. This next gen heavy repeating blaster is among the first to utilize spin-sealed tibanna gas in a personal weapon.

Booth Directory

  1. Holowan Mechanicals
  2. Sorosuub Corporation
  3. Blastech
  4. Xet Industries
  5. Malaxan Firepower
  6. Czerka Industries

1 Sales restricted to approved Imperial Navy contractors.


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