Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Night 1- Nightmares

Times are a chang'in

harido_head.pngHarido Gen

“It was for a job.” Harido reminds himself as he awakes for the hundredth time that night. The first night is always the worst. Hes killed plenty before, but not like this. Hes never pulled a still beating heart out of a mans chest, hes collected fingers, or ears before.. but never a heart. He doesn’t ponder why the crazy old blind lady would want it either. Some things are just better left alone.

Harido leaves the comfort of his bed, unsure if he really slept at all that night. He doesn’t care about the time. He washes his hands, but no matter what he uses they still feel thick with blood. He decides to go for a walk.

As he makes his way to the door of his apartment he trips over his Shag Carpet? “Wait.. I dont have a shag carpet.” He looks down to see Dewpirr sprawled out on the floor. Harido rolls his eyes at the unconscious wookie then remembers the next job. He writes down something on a note and leaves it by the smelly wookie. Harido stares at the door of his apartment…


Roll Success, Harido opens the door and leaves.

The light activity still going on in the bazaars indicate that its not extremely late. So Harido makes his way to the Mynock Drop. Once there he spots a conscious Reelo at what can only be considered “his spot.” He joins his friend for some drinking. During the night Reelo passess Harido some spice. The two proceed to drink.
-“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”


+15 High
+5000 drunk
-1000 Credits
+10 xp



insanityv2 theneoianone

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