Aris Shen Tabarith

Enigmatic, Beautiful, Connected


Headstrong and independent, Aris Shen Tabarith is poorly-suited to her role as the trophy wife of Vorse Tabarith, a wealthy Cloud City real estate mogul with rumored ties to organized crime. The Shen family fell from grace while she was still a child, but she has gained a great deal of independent social standing through her marriage to Vorse Tabarith.

Aris Shen Tabarith is one of Cloud City’s elites, and maintains a strong presence in high society circles.

Aris is assisting her father’s plan to rob Marus Grayson while he is in Cloud City to auction off his gem, the Jewel of Yavin. However, her motivations are less clear than her father’s… she does not seem nearly as preoccupied with vengeance.


The Shen Family

The Shen family were once Corellian Nobility, but have fallen out of favor with the Empire due to their political ties to the Separatists and the involvement of some members of their family in the Corellian Uprising. The Shen family’s massive banking fortune was seized by Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority in a scheme by Marus Grayson to bankrupt the Corellian Uprising and line his own pockets.

Aris Shen Tabarith

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