Needa's Majordomo; Manager of the Red Palace Casino


Cag’Jufo is Needa’s Majordomo. A tall, middle-aged Twi’Lek, he is in charge of running the day to day affairs of Needa’s criminal empire, delegating tasks to Needa’s lieutenants (or to fixer’s like Reelo, and controlling who may visit Needa.

Cag’Jufo also holds the “legitimate” position of being the Red Palace’s manager, and is thus tasked with finding and throwing out cheaters, trying to attract high rollers, and managing security.

Cag’Jufo is cold, pragmatic and humorless, and unlike Needa’s lieutenants, does not seem to take advantage of the power and status working directly under Needa affords him.


Cag’Jufo’s family has always served the Hutt Cartel. His father had served Needa before him, and his grandfather had served Needa’s predecessor.


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