Queen of Beggars

Creepy old homeless woman who lives in the Undercity


The Queen of Beggars appears on the surface to be vulnerable, destitute, and senile. Loyal beggars come visit her and bring her food while she holds court in a long-abandoned warehouse in the undercity.

However, in reality the Queen of Beggars is a dark side sorceress whose power is only mitigated by her madness. She has had a long-standing feud with the Ravagers, who are unaware of her true, darker nature.


Little is verifiable about her past, but there are mutliple conflicting rumors about her. Some say thats she commands all of the beggars in the Undercity, that she was once Jedi, that she was once Sith…

It is obvious that she has some power, as she has marked Jeran Cyran with some strange, arcane symbol.

Queen of Beggars

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