Madam Sadeet

Madame of the Red District's Most Infamous Brothel


Madam Sadeet is the proprietor of the infamous brothel on the Bazaar level. She is a tall Trandoshan woman who is approaching old age.

Madam Sadeet’s Three Rules

  1. Clients treat her escorts with respect and do not touch them without their permission.
  2. Clients pay up front, and in full. No discounts and no negotiations.
  3. Clients spending the night must be gone before daybreak. Any property they leave behind becomes property of Madam Sadeet.

Madam Sadeet is fiercely protective of her escorts and is viewed as a maternal figure among them. She rarely interacts with her clientele, and if she does, its usually because that client has broken one of Madam Sadeets rules. Those clients have a dramatically shortened life expectancy…


Madam Sadeet was once a prostitute herself at the very brothel she now runs. There are unconfirmed rumors that she murdered her predecessor in order to take charge of the brothel.

Even if this is untrue, Madam Sadeet has a fearsome reputation. Even the occasional Imperial who visits the Bazaar know to treat her and her employees with respect, lest they not survive the night.

Madam Sadeet

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