The Storm's Shadow



Make/Model YT-2400 Silhouette 4
Length 18.65 m Handling 0
Width 28.5 m Armor 4
Speed 800 k/m Speed Rating 3
Hyperdrive ???? Hull 25
Navigation System ???? System Strain 18
Minimum crew 1 Hard Points 7
Cargo capacity 150 tons Encumbrance Capacity 140






Navicomputer Status


Only available coordinates: Cloud City

Bekk’s Recording

If you are seeing this, then I’m dead and you now own my ship. If you stole this ship, I like your style. Qatja’s an asshole. If you bought, you underpaid though I’m sure Qatja tried to price gouge you. Quatja doesn’t deserve this baby; he had no idea what she’s capable of.

One caveat though, I need a favor before you get free run of my ship. I have an associate in Cloud City. Her name is Aris Shen and she’s been doing a pretty big favor for me but if I’m dead then she’ll be in danger if she continues. Tell her that I’m dead and she’ll know what that means and what to do. When the navcomputer hears her say the password, it will unlock, and The Storm Shadow will be yours, free and clear.

The Storm's Shadow

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