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  • Red District

    h1. Sky Level h2. The Red Palace !http://i.imgur.com/OWOoqYm.jpg?1! Needa's Casino and base of operations are at the topmost level of the Red District. The Red palace is a giant pyramid that can be seen for hundreds of miles. h3. Casino …

  • Reelo

    Reelo responds to any questions about his past with a hiccup and a rude gesture. Wears an old pair of dog tags, and is suspected that he and [[:caeroktraag | Caer Oktra'ag]] know each other because of some shared military history. Reelo doesnt seem …

  • Needa the Hutt

    Needa is a very old member of the Hutt Cartel. He is old fashioned, and subscribed to the traditional exclusionary, xenophobic outlook of his people. This causes tension with other, younger Hutts who see strength and profit in the cooperation with other, …

  • Cag'Jufo

    Cag'Jufo's family has always served the Hutt Cartel. His father had served Needa before him, and his grandfather had served Needa's predecessor.