House Rules

House Rule & Errata Reference Page

This is a collection of the ways our game will differ from what is printed in the book. (This page will also include relevant errata).

Carousing XP Rules

/kəˈrouz/ verb
to drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way.

You will be paid in a lump sum of credits after successfully completing objectives. You can spend these credits either to buy equipment, as described in the book, or convert those credits to XP by literally partying it away.

Credits spent in this way is converted to XP on a 100c to 1XP basis.

To spend credits in this manner, just respond to my debrief with how much you are spending and how (gambling, hookers, copious amounts of illegal substances, etc.).

Intersession Buying/Selling Procedure

For all intersession buying and selling, we will be using orokos.

Step 1: Determine Buy Check Difficulty

Find the rarity of the item(s) you want to buy [Core Book pp 160-195]. Choose the rarest item you want to buy, and use that to determine base difficulty for your Negotiation roll. (If the item is restricted, use a Streetwise roll.) For each additional item you want to buy, apply the appropriate penalty.

If your roll is trivial, use a single as your “base difficulty.”

Cloud City Buy Chart

Rarity Check Penalty
0 Trivial () /2 [I.E. 1 for every 2 trivial items
1-2 Easy ()
3-4 Average ()
5-7 Hard ()
8-9 Daunting () Upgrade to
10 Formidable() Upgrade to

Treat restricted items as having +3 base rarity.

Nar Shaddaa Buy Chart

Rarity Check Penalty
0-1 Trivial () /2 [I.E. 1 for every 2 trivial items
2-3 Easy ()
4-5 Average ()
6-7 Hard ()
8-9 Daunting () Upgrade to
10 Formidable() Upgrade to

On Nar Shaddaa, either Negotiation or Streetwise may be used for this check.

Step 2: Determine Sell Bonuses

For easier record-keeping and to maintain the GM’s tenuous sanity, we will be abstracting selling items. For every item you sell, modify your buy roll as follows.

Nar Shaddaa Sell Chart

Rarity Roll Bonus
10 Upgrade to

Yes, this means you can’t sell trade items for XP. Sorry.

Step 3: Use Orokos to Roll Dice

Roll the dice using Orokos Dice Roller

Type the item you are buying in the description field. If you are using someone else’s roll (in-universe, someone else is doing the shopping for you) please note who in the description as well.

On a failed roll:

  • If the item is rarity 7 or higher, than you cannot find someone to sell it to you.
  • If the item is rarity 6 or below, then you can buy the item at 125% base price.

1 Success on the check means you find someone to sell you the item at base price,

  • For every net success past the first means you find someone to sell you the items for 10% off the base price. (E.g. 2 success, 10% off, 3 successes, 20% off, 4 successes, 30% off). Use the character builder to do the math for you.

Net Triumphs will count for net 3 successes each.

  • By “net” triumph I mean a Triumph that is not cancelled by a failure. Which is to say, the roll itself must succeed before triumphs can be converted to successes and deepend the discount.

Every 3 net advantage will count for an extra success.

  • Again, the base roll must succeed before advantages can be converted to successes.

Despair and disadvantage will be up to GM discretion.

Take the Orokos result link and post it somewhere. If you do adventure logs, you can put them at the end of those. If you don’t do adventure logs, just reply to the debrief.

House Rules

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