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Violence in the Red District


A bomb went off at prominent Nar Shaddaa Casino, The Red Palace. The attack approximately 15:30 GST today. Shortly after the explosion, a firefight broke out in and around The Red Palace. It is still unclear who the bomber was or who the combatants were
Reports are indicating that several hundred may have been killed and up to a thousand may have been injured in the explosion or in the ensuing combat.

Officials from the Imperial Security Bureau have declined to comment, but anonymous sources within the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation state that IOCI suspects the attack may be related to a conflict between various criminal factions. Imperial citizens are advised to avoid the Red District for the immediate future.


Citizens of Nar Shaddaa. Tragedy has struck. Prominent businessman and community-leader Needa Desilijic Attu has been assassinated in his home above the Red Palace Casino. Initial investigations identify the following individuals as the most likely culprits.

They have been spotted leaving the crime scene and are armed and dangerous. The Hutt Clan Desilijic has put a 100,000 credit reward for the live capture of these criminals.

From: R3el0.narshaddaa.m1225g1


I think Cag’Jufo caught on that I let you guys know he was out to get you. Managed to get off Nar Shaddaa before he could do anything about it. Harido, our secure line should still work. Drop me a message as soon as you can to let me know if you guys are safe.

I really hope you guys are alright.


insanityv2 insanityv2

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