Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

C-4ES Match Log #1 - Vs. Daran Fahn


Turn 1 BEGIN

Turn 1, Black:

  • [Stormtroopers] to [Back Alley]
  • Path to [Dead Drop Weapons] blocked.

Turn 1, White:

  • Sacrifice piece [Reelo’s Weapon Dealer Contact] to lure [Stormtroopers]
  • Obtain [Dead Drop Weapons]
  • [Rodian] takes piece [Stormtrooper Left Behind to Keep an Eye on Us]

Turn 1 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 2 BEGIN

Turn 2, Black:

  • [Imperial Officer] to [Spice Dealer Who Stopped Us]

Turn 2, White:

  • Evacuate all pieces except [Wookie]
  • [Wookie] plays [Race Card]
  • Success
  • [Rodian] uses Racial Skill: [Steal] on [Drug Dealer]
  • Success
  • Obtain Asset: [Glitterstim]

Turn 2 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 3 BEGIN

Turn 3, Black:

  • [Guards] to [Lobby of Daran Fahn’s Apartment Building]
  • Path to [Elevators] blocked.
  • Require [Guest List Access] to bypass

Turn 3, White:

  • [Glitterstim] to capture piece [Lobby Receptionist]
  • Counterplay by [Guards]
  • Skillful maneuvering of all pieces to [Outside]

Turn 3 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 4 BEGIN

Turn 4, Black:

  • [Devious Sabotage] on [Our Grappling Hook] at [Time Unknown]
  • LogicMatrixERROR\\23957gmMepaX…
  • Reassess Analysis of Turn 4, Black? (Y/N)
  • N

Turn 4, White:

  • [Wookie] to [Apartment Complex Garage] via [Grappling Hook]
  • Counterplay by [Gravity]
  • Skillful maneuvering of all pieces to [Access Grate]

Turn 4 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 5 BEGIN

Turn 5, Black:

  • [Turrets] to [Apartment 1 Maintenance Access Door]
  • Path to [Apartment 1 Generator Room] blocked

Turn 5, White:

  • Courageous diverting of all pieces to [Apartment 2]

Turn 5 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 6 BEGIN

Turn 6, Black:

  • [Tripmine] to [Apartment 2 Hallway]

Turn 6, White:

  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Tripmine]
  • Obtain Asset: [Tripmine]

Turn 6 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 7 BEGIN

Turn 7, Black:

  • [Stormtroopers] take piece [Reelo’s Weapon Dealer Contact]

Turn 7, White:

  • Assess Options
  • Courageous diverting of all pieces to [Apartment 1 Maintenance Access Door]

Turn 7 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 8 BEGIN

Turn 8, Black:

  • [Turrets] to [Apartment 1 Maintenance Access Door]

Turn 8, White:

  • [Wookie] takes piece [Turrets]
  • Rear Path to [Penthouse] clear

Turn 8 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 9 BEGIN

Turn 9, Black:

  • [Generator Tech] to [Apartment 1 Generator Room]

Turn 9, White:

  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Generator Tech]
  • Obtain Asset: [Generator Tech’s Comm]
  • [Wookie] uses asset: [Generator Tech’s Comm]
  • [Wookie] takes territory [Apartment 1 Generator Room]

Turn 9 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 10 BEGIN

Turn 10, Black:

  • [Bored Valet] to [Apartment 1 Garage]

Turn 10, White:

  • Assess Options
  • Tactical diverting of all pieces to [Penthouse]

Turn 10 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 11 BEGIN

Turn 11, Black:

  • [Guard Watching HoloNet on Couch] to [Penthouse]

Turn 11, White:

  • [Wookie] takes piece [Guard Watching HoloNet on Couch]
  • [Guard in Kitchen] avoided

Turn 11 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 12 BEGIN

Turn 12, Black:

  • [Security Camera] to [Hallway]

Turn 12, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Hallway]
  • [All Pieces] strategically relocate to [Anywhere But Hallway]

Turn 12 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 13 BEGIN

Turn 13, Black:

  • [Guard] and [Guard] to [Library]

Turn 13, White:

  • [Rodian] takes pieces [Guard] and [Guard]

Turn 13 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 14 BEGIN

Turn 14, Black:

  • [Guard] and [Guard] to [Kitchen]

Turn 14, White:

  • Gambit: [Human] lures [Guard] and [Guard]
  • Failure
  • Gambit: [Broken Bottle] lures [Guard] and [Guard]
  • Success
  • Reassess Strategic Value of [Human] and [Broken Bottle]
  • [Wookie] takes piece [Guard]
  • Counterplay by [Loudmouth Guard]

Turn 14 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 15 Begin

Turn 15, Black:

  • [Guard] and [Guard] and [Guard] to [Kitchen] from [Security Room]

Turn 15, White:

  • [C-4ES] deploys asset: [Trip Mine]
  • [Guard] and [Guard] and [Guard] intercepted

Turn 15 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 16 BEGIN

Turn 16, Black:

  • [Imperial Security Bureau] to [Penthouse]
  • Estimated Arrival Time: [Soon]

Turn 16, White:

  • [Wookie] takes piece [Fahn’s Personal Terminal]
  • [Secret Room] and [Trophy Room] accessible
  • [Secret Room] contents: [Contraband] [Salacious Material featuring Non-Humans]
  • [Trophy Room] contents: [Trophies] [Mission Goal (Lightsaber)]

Turn 16 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 17 BEGIN

Turn 17, Black:

  • [Electric Fence] to [Apartment Roof]
  • Path to [Backup Generator] blocked

Turn 17, White:

  • [Wookie] takes piece [Electric Fence]
  • [Wookie] takes piece [Backup Generator]
  • [Wookie] takes piece [Power Grid to the Entire City]

Turn 17 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 18 BEGIN

Turn 18, Black:

  • [Imperial Navy] to [Penthouse]
  • Estimated Arrival Time: [Soon]

Turn 18, White:

  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Mission Goal (Lightsaber)]
  • Pre-planned relocation of all pieces to [Moving Airspeeder]
  • Obtain Asset: [Launcher]

Turn 18 END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 19 BEGIN

Turn 19, Black:

  • [Imperial Navy Airspeeder] moves to intercept [Commandeered Airspeeder]

Turn 19, White:

  • [Rodian] uses [Ability to Drive a Speeder]
  • Success
  • [Wookie] attempts [Set Fire to the Engines]
  • Success
  • [C-4ES] deploys asset: [Launcher] on [Imperial Navy Airspeeder]
  • Success
  • [Human] considers status in life
  • Failure
  • [All Pieces] avoid [Imperial Navy Airspeeder]

Turn 19 END

Match END

Winner: C-4ES


insanityv2 Kaenrin

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