Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

C-4ES Match Log # 5 - Vs. Spice Robbers

Vs. Spice Robbers


Turn 1 BEGIN

Turn 1, Black:

  • [Drug Dealer-robbing Outlaws] to [???]
  • [Rival Bounty Hunters] to [Nar Shaddaa]

Turn 1, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Apartment – Scene of First Robbery]
  • [Rodian] uses skill [Pick Lock]
  • Success! Door is unlocked.
  • [C-4ES] uses skill [Knock]
  • Success! [Robbed Drug Dealer] opened door.
  • Information acquired from [Robbed Drug Dealer]: [Robber Description] [Robber Swoop Bikes] [Dead Robber Location – Morgue] [Rival Bounty Hunter, Azura] [Rival Bounty Hunter, Zandal] [Rival Bounty Hunter, Random Hired Wookie]

Turn 1, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 2 BEGIN

Turn 2, Black:

  • [Shadowy Adversaries] uses skill [No-Good Tricks]
  • Success! [Robber Body in Morgue] destroyed.

Turn 2, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Morgue]
  • Information acquired from [Coroner]: [Robber Body destroyed] [Robber Cybernetic Arm Sold] [Missing Doctor] [Order to Destroy Body – From A Lieutenant of Needa] [Body Destruction Reason – Incriminating Evidence (?)]
  • [Wookie] attempts skill [Slice] on [Doctor’s Computer]
  • Failure! [Wookie] discovers [Scathing Message Directed at Assistant]
  • [Wookie] uses skill [Nerdrage]
  • [Wookie] attempts skill [Slice] on [Doctor’s Computer]
  • Success! Information acquired: [Robber Cybernetic Arm Status – Military-grade, Jailbroken by Hutt Cartel] [Purchaser – Cerean]

Turn 2, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 3 BEGIN

Turn 3, Black:

  • [Annoyed Bartender] to [Mynock Drop]
  • [Reelo’s Alcoholism] uses skill [Inconvenience Everyone Nearby]
  • Success!

Turn 3, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Mynock Drop]
  • Attempt to acquire item [Security Camera Footage – Second Robbery]
  • Failure!
  • [Annoyed Bartender] uses counterplay [Request Reelo’s Bar Tab Be Paid]
  • Failure!
  • [Human] uses skill [Babble On About Pointless Things – The “Great” Zale]
  • Success! [Bartender] is distracted by prattle.
  • [Wookie] uses skill [Be The Slightest Bit Subtle]
  • Failure! [Bartender] is no longer distracted.
  • [Wookie] uses skill [Pretend To Be A Mop]
  • Failure! [Bartender] is confused and alarmed.
  • [Wookie] uses skill [Stare Blankly] at [Bartender]
  • Success! [Bartender] is distracted by a serious concern for [Wookie]’s mental health.
  • [Rodian] uses racial skill [Intrude]
  • Success! Acquired item: [Security Camera Footage – Second Robbery]
  • Acquired information from [Security Camera Footage – Second Robbery]: [Robbers’ Strange Swoop Bikes]
  • Acquired information from [Reelo]: [New Robbery – Ravager Clubhouse] [New Robbery – Flophouse]

Turn 3, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 4 BEGIN

Turn 4, Black:

  • [Ravagers] to [Ravager Clubhouse]

Turn 4, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Ravager Clubhouse]
  • [Ravagers] use skill [Inhospitable Stare] on [All Pieces]
  • Success!
  • [Human] takes pieces [Current Jukebox Song]
  • Counterplay by [Angry Biker]
  • [Wookie] attempts skill [Intimidate]
  • Failure! [Wookie] looks stupid.
  • [Wookie] attempts skill [Punch]
  • Failure! [Ravagers] use skill [Throw Wookie At The Wall]
  • Success!
  • [Wookie] to [Outside Clubhouse]
  • [Other Pieces] to [Robbed Drug Dealer – Zebb]
  • Information acquired from [Zebb]: [Drug Location – Shipping Crates on Swoop Track]
  • [Rodian] uses racial skill [Kleptomania] on [Zebb]
  • Success! [Rodian] acquires: [Zebb’s Wallet] and [A Pittance of Credits]

Turn 4, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 5 BEGIN

Turn 5, Black:

  • [Empty Crates] to [ Swoop Track]
  • [Mysteries Upon Mysteries] to [Swoop Track]

Turn 5, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Swoop Track]
  • [Empty Crates] observed.

Turn 5, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 6 BEGIN

Turn 6, Black:

  • [Jewish Stereotypes] to [The Star Wars Universe]

Turn 6, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Qatja’s Garage]
  • Attempt to acquire [Useful Information]
  • Failure! Acquired [Sales Pitch for Low-Quality Freighter – Stormshadow]

Turn 6, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 7 BEGIN

Turn 7, Black:

  • [Shifty Hobo] to [Surface Level]
  • [Shifty Hobo] attempts skill [Spy]
  • Failure! [C-4ES] detects [Shifty Hobo]

Turn 7, White:

  • [C-4ES] captures piece [Shifty Hobo]
  • [Human] acquires item: [Moist Sock] from [Shifty Hobo]
  • [Human] threatens [Moist Sock] in front of [Shifty Hobo]
  • [Rodian] acquires information: [Queen of Beggars]
  • [Human] discards item: [Moist Sock]

Turn 7, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 8 BEGIN

Turn 8, Black:

  • [Queen of Beggars] to [Undercity]
  • [Queen of Beggars] radiates [Icky Aura]
  • [Creepy Beggars] to [Undercity]

Turn 8, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Undercity]
  • [Useless Organics] are affected by [Icky Aura]
  • Attempt to acquire: [Useful Information]
  • Failure!
  • Acquire quest: [Vin Koda’s Literal Heart], Reward: [Useful information]

Turn 8, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 9 BEGIN

Turn 9, Black:

  • [Ravager 1], [Ravager 2] to [The Way to The Flophouse]
  • [Hobo] to [The Way to The Flophouse]
  • [Ravagers] threaten piece [Hobo]

Turn 9, White:

  • [Rodian] attempts [Sneak]
  • Failure!
  • [Human] attempts [Diplomacy]
  • Failure!
  • [Human] tells [C-4ES] and [Wookie] to resort to violence.
  • [Wookie] takes piece [Ravager 1]
  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Ravager 2]
  • Items acquired: [Shock Gloves], [Ravager Clubhouse Keycard], 2x[Swoop Bike]
  • [All Pieces] to [Qatja’s Garage]
  • [Human] does [Negotiation]
  • Success! 2x[Swoop Bike] sold for [12,000 credits]

Turn 9, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 10 BEGIN

Turn 10, Black:

  • [Bored Receptionist] to [Flophouse]
  • [Unreasonable Guards] to [Flophouse]
  • [Rodian Drug Dealer] to [Flophouse]
  • [Azura], [Zandal], [Random Hired Wookie] to [Flophouse]

Turn 10, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Flophouse]
  • [Wookie] attempts [Intimidate] on [Bored Clerk]
  • Success! [Bored Clerk] calls [Unreasonable Guards]
  • [Bored Clerk] requests [400 credits] for [Room Rental]
  • [All Pieces] attempt to leave
  • [Azura] threatens piece [Rodian Drug Dealer]
  • [Human] attempts [Seduce] on [Azura]
  • Failure! [Zandal] laughs.
  • [Rodian] attempts [Information Trade]
  • Failure!
  • [Rodian] uses skill [Petty Insults Re: Lekku]
  • [Zandal] laughs uncontrollably.
  • [Azura] [Zandal] [Random Hired Wookie] leave [Flophouse]
  • Attempt to acquire [Useful Information] from [Rodian Drug Dealer]
  • Failure! Acquired [Sob Story]

Turn 10, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 11 BEGIN

Turn 11, Black:

  • [Our Own Inadequacies] to [The Only Way Forward]

Turn 11, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [The Red Palace]
  • [Human] compelled by [Lack of Willpower] to [Gamble Uncontrollably]
  • [Meager Information] given to [Cag’Jufo]
  • [Blank Stares] exchanged
  • [Cag’Jufo] requests [All Pieces] leave

Turn 11, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 12 BEGIN

Turn 12, Black:

  • [Trouble] to [Ravager’s Clubhouse]

Turn 12, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Ravager Clubhouse Backdoor]
  • [Ravager Clubhouse Keycard] used on [Ravager Clubhouse Backdoor]

>>Your 3PO unit Personality and Awareness Free Trial has ended. If you would like to continue having access to Personality and Awareness for this 3-PO unit, please inform your mechanic during the next scheduled maintenance on this unit. Until then, this unit will be placed in Verbal Command mode. Thank you, and have a nice day!


>>Reconstruct log with cache data? (Y/N)
>>Searching cache for actions taken while in Verbal Command Mode
>>Reconstructing Turn 13, Turn 14, Turn 15 of Match Log #5

Turn 13 BEGIN

Turn 13, Black:

  • [Vin Koda] to [Vin Koda’s Room]
  • [Guards] to [Vin Koda’s Room]
  • [Twi’lek Dancer] to [Vin Koda’s Room]
  • [Door] to [Vin Koda’s Room]

Turn 13, White:

  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Door]
  • [Human] deploys asset [Grenade] on [Guards]
  • [Guards] deploy counterplay [Shoot C-4ES A Lot]
  • [All pieces] take piece [Guards] [Vin Koda]
  • [Rodian] acquires asset [Vin Koda’s Literal Heart]
  • [Twi’lek Dancer] acquires [Lasting Trauma]
  • [Ravagers] to [Vin Koda’s Room]
  • [All Pieces] to [Window], [Ground Outside]

Turn 13, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 14 BEGIN

Turn 14, Black:

  • [The Temptation of Darkness] to [The Hearts of Man]

Turn 14, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Beggar Queen’s Throne]
    *[All Pieces] acquire assets: [Information – Robbers are on a Hutt’s Orders], [Flophouse Keycard]
  • [Human] acquires [Creepy Cursed Evilmark Tattoo]

Turn 14, END
Advantage: C-4ES

Turn 15 BEGIN

Turn 15, Black:

  • [Spice Robbers] to [Secret Flophouse Room]
  • [Death] to [Each of Us, Some Day]

Turn 15, White:

  • [All Pieces] to [Secret Flophouse Room]
  • [C-4ES] takes piece [Spice Robber 1]
  • [Spice Robbers] deploy asset: [Grenade] on [C-4ES] and [Rodian]
  • [Spice Robbers] use technique [Shoot the Hell Out of the Droid]

>>Critical Diagnostics Log
>>23 critical areas in core processor heavily damaged
>>11 areas in logic matrix heavily damaged
>>Limb servos in 3 out of 4 joints heavily damaged or destroyed
>>Higher functions non-functioning
>>Maintenance required
>>//Screw you guys.


insanityv2 Kaenrin

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