Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Day Before the Mission

Living in a material world

harido_head.pngHarido Gen

Harido awakens again in the afternoon. The nightmares are still there but the alcohol helps him sleep. He showers, he eats, he burps, he poops. His colleagues dont seem to be around. Apparently even the droid is up and running now. Harido puts in a few hours on the Flight Sim before he decides to do some shopping for tomorrow’s mission.

Harido enters the Bazaar

“what the fuck is this?” -Harido exclaims. Hes unfamiliar with the items being sold here.
“I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere…”
Harido exits and finds his way back to a more familiar location.

Harido looks around but doesn’t notice anything worth his credits. He does notice a familiar droid doing some shopping though…

Before he can leave C-4 pulls him aside obviously irritated. After explaining the incompetence of the shop keepers, Harido helps the droid get a better deal on the latest weapon mods.

After some negotiation he bids farewell to C-4 and moves on to.. where else? But The Mynock Drop. Where he briefly talks with Reelo about tomorrow’s job.

Some time passes and in comes Jeran Cyran. Harido waves him over and the three talk and drink for a while. Harido notices Cyran’s attention drift towards a pretty young twi’lek thats sitting at the bar.
“I’ll make you a wager.” -Harido says to Cyran.
“You have my attention.” -Cyran replies.
“I bet you a thousand credits that I can her to go home with you.”
“You’re on” -Cyran agrees.

Harido walks over to the Twi’lek, whispers something into her ear and points toward Cyran. She then joins Cyran at the table. And it is on.
“It’s impossible to be a good writer if you haven’t lived badly. A past life of drinking heavily, fighting and whoring all help to ease those words onto the page.”

-1000 credits from Jeran Cyran (+10 xp for Cyran)
Harido uses the credits for tonights bar tab.


2 successes, 1 advantage

You can purchase your items for 1360c.

Day Before the Mission

cant afford ;o just taking Heavy Pistol for 560

Day Before the Mission

:< actually with the current system I’ll just save up, and buy things at once with a good discount.

Day Before the Mission

C-4, in an irritable mood after being mostly destroyed, makes Harido go out and buy him some gun attachments.

Spread Barrel 1725c, Rarity 4
Forearm Grip, 250c, Rarity 1

Total: 1975c

Success! 20% off.

Total cost: 1580c

Day Before the Mission

C-4ES finds it in his heart to give a down-on-his-luck, out-of-work Wookie (Dewpirr) a job modding his new weapon attachments (To be paid for in job experience.)

Forearm Grip, Accurate +1:
Forearm Grip, Point Blank +1:

Spread Barrel, Blast +1:
Spread Barrel, Blast +1, part 2:

C-4ES pays a total of 600 credits for the parts for the mods, and spends the rest of the evening just staring at his weapon’s new form.

Staring and staring.

Day Before the Mission

As C-4 stares, he downloads a number of relevant blockbuster holovids showcasing expert use of firearms at close range.

-1000 credits on a staggering amount of action B-movies

Day Before the Mission

Dewpirr sees a popup ad about the latest model of Data Breaker (available in your local Bazaar) and tells Harido to look for one next time he’s out.

Failure. Harido finds one, but at a markup. Dewpirr scoffs at the idea of being so thoroughly gouged. If he could somehow pirate a Data Breaker instead…

However, his half-baked plans are interrupted by C-4 shoving a bunch of weapon parts in his face and walking off.

Dewpirr spends the rest of the night tinkering with the weapon parts and pirating modding manuals off the holonet, and only falls for one phishing scam this time!

-3000 credits
+30 xp

Day Before the Mission
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