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From: R3el0.narshaddaa.m1225g1


Hey guys,

You did good. Real good. Needa just wanted the thieves dead, but you also managed to recover the merchandise. That earns you a bonus. Man you should have seen the look on Azura’s face when she came in to claim the reward and I told her that you beat her. For some reason, she was under the impression that you lot were completely incompetent. Whatever, it can only help you to have your competition underestimate you. Anyways, it turns out that she had been interrogating Dr. Gravelin about his selling some sort of cybernetic arm that belonged to one of the thieves, and while you guys were shooting up the thieve’s hideout, the good Doctor was being uncooperative. Who knows, maybe he liked being interrogated. Can’t say I blame him.

Anyways, I got a gig lined up for us. It’s not quite as flashy as the Promenade Job, but it’ll probably be the easiest 1,000 credits we’ll ever make. Apparently, all this Black Sun business has the big shots in the Hutt Cartel kind of riled up. So a couple of said big-shots are coming to the Red Palace to discuss the situation with Needa personally. It’s sort of a big deal, Hutt’s don’t travel often and Cartel business between Hutts is usually conducted over Holo-vid. I think your intel about a potential Black Sun mole within the cartel has them a little paranoid about tapped comm-lines and bugs and the like, but Needa’s throne room is probably one of the most secure places in Hutt space. CJ especially is on edge, probably because he’s ultimately responsible for all the other lieutenants. If one of them really is a traitor, it’s his lekku on the line.

So here’s what it boils down to. A few members of the Hutt Grand Council will be arriving at the Nar Shaddaa spaceport at various times on the day before the meeting. Each of them will be escorted from the spaceport to the Red Palace by a convoy of three armored airspeeders. You guys will be part of Teemo the Hutt’s convoy, riding aboard the rear airspeeder. In the highly unlikely event that anyone is stupid enough to attack the convoy, your job is to keep the shuttle carrying Teemo safe.

(On that note, are any of you good pilots? If you want, I can hire one, but his fee will come out of our pay for the job.)

Then the next day, you guys, and a couple more of Needa’s men will secure the casino floor. Needa will have his elite guard handling security for the actual meeting up in the throne room. Your job will just be to make sure noone goes through the Employee’s Only doors and to report anything suspicious you see. I’ll be on your comlinks and monitoring the Red Palace’s security camera feeds and alarms and such. So, essentially all you guys need to do is stand around holding a big blaster rifle and look menacing for a couple of hours. And then we all leave 1000 credits richer for basically having spent the day doing nothing.

Also the Arena Championship Match is the night after the meeting. I got tickets for you guys. My suggestion is we all head to the Mynock Drop to pregame, get that belligerent kind of drunk, then heckle the “Great” Zale and hit on ring girls.



P.S. Since you guys were down in the Undercity for that last job, do you guys know what the hell happened with the Ravagers? Apparently their leader got offed and now the whole place is a fucking war zone. I was running support for a crew smuggling some weapons through the Undercity and they told me that there’s two factions each blaming the other for their boss’s death. There’s fighting on the streets and we had to abandon the goods and bail.

From: cagjufo.narshaddaa.m77



I looked into the intel you brought me concerning moles within our organization working for the Black Sun. It checks out, and corresponds with some discrepancies I’ve notices in our books and in the reports I receive from my lieutenants. I am looking in to the matter, but I have yet to determine who is responsible. Until I do, I would appreciate your discretion in the matter. Do not discuss your Black Sun-related intel or my continuing investigation with anyone inside or outside our organization, no matter how trustworthy they seem. If you turn up any further information about the Black Sun’s activities on Nar Shaddaa, turn it over to me immediately.

I suppose I should congratulate you for locating the stolen merchandise. Despite the role luck probably had in your accomplishment, Needa is very impressed with you. He may, in the future, come to expect that level of competence from you when you are given further assignments. I would not disappoint him, were I in your position.

Attached is your payment, along with your bonus for recovering the goods. I expect our little Rodian associate has informed you of your next assignment. I do not doubt that he irresponsibly described the assignment as inconsequential, not requiring your full attention. He is wrong. Our esteemed visitors are among the most important beings in the Hutt Cartel, and their security is our paramount concern. Let me be understood: if anything goes wrong during their stay here, I am holding you all personally responsible. I would advise you spend your bonus to equip yourselves instead of frittering it away doing…. whatever it is that you do. I would advise you to arrive early (and sober) on the day of your assignment, and treat our visitors with the utmost respect. And please, do try to shower and dress appropriately.


Manager of the Red Palace Resort and Casino

Encrypted credit transfer of 1000c each to the personal accounts of Harido Gen, Jeran Cyran, Dewpirr, and C-4ES.


wow guys this protocol droid is in really bad shape. you realize that these things are made for diplomatic and translation work. they really aren’t meant to take this kind of abuse. what did you guys do to it? on second thought i don’t want to know.

anyways, invoice for the repair work is 1000 credits. i had to special order some replacement parts because of all these mods.

(p.s. is this great zale autograph on the arm legit? i’m a huuuuuge great zale fan. he’s so dreamy. can i keep the arm? maybe knock some credits off the repair bill?)


insanityv2 insanityv2

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