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From: R3el0.narshaddaa.m1225g1


Thanks again for that favor. I’ve been had an ear to the chatter after last night and it looks like the package took. You really saved my ass out there.

Anyways I heard about that business with Rax. That might have caused some trouble: He was one of Jabba’s trusted lieutenants. Ol’ CJ is kind of pissed you guys killed him and on Red Palace Property to boot, but Needa seems like he’s ok with Jabba’s men being reminded that they are not on their home turf here.

It’s not all good news though. Two more of our dealers have been robbed and Needa is getting kind of pissed that no one’s found them yet. I’ve been forced to make it an open bounty. You guys can still collect if you find them first, but if you don’t someone else will get your credits. Just a heads up.

Take care guys, next round at the Mynock is on me.

- R

PS Hey I can get you guys tickets to the Great Zale fight next week. I don’t know if any of you arena fans, but I’m sick of seeing his posters everywhere and I’m really hoping the newcomer beats his smug Gran eyestalks off. Anyways hit me back if you’re interested.


Hey baby,

Are you tired of girls laughing at the size of your lekku? Underwhelmed at the size of your tentacles. Aren’t you tired of being inadequate in every way?

Well your prayers have been answered friend because our scientists have discovered the secrets of prehensile appendage enhancement. In three short months, our customers were able to increase the length, strength and flexibility of their lekku, tentacles, and tails with only a couple of painless injections.

Reply now. Because size matters.

From: cagjufo.narshaddaa.m77


I do not appreciate you starting a fire-fight in the hotel. You could have at the very least told me before attempting an assassination in the hotel I’m supposed to keep running smoothly.

I have received numerous complaints from angry guests, and while Needa may be amused at this sleight towards his rival within the Hutt Cartel, I assure you that any escalation in tensions you may cause will only make our lives more difficult in the long run.

Remember, that while Reelo may give you your assignments, it is I who evaluates which employees continue to be useful to our operations here on Nar Shaddaa. It would behoove you to remember that the next time a situation may call for discretion.

You will be hearing from me.

Manager of the Red Palace Resort and Casino

From: wajamm.narshaddaa.m11

Harido Gen,

You are once again late with your rent. We have assessed a late fee as per the lease agreement.

Furthermore, we have been receiving reports that you have unregistered guests staying with you for long periods of time. As a reminder, you are the only name on the lease, and if you want to have guests for more than a few weeks, they need to be put on the lease and pay rent.

Please take care of this as soon as possible.



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