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The Details of Our Arrangement

Incoming Secure Message

Valus Shen


I have to apologize for the terse and somewhat awkward nature of our meeting today. You have to understand, your arrival in Mr. Bekk’s stead was quite unexpected. I am a cautious man, and I react poorly to the unexpected.

So I have taken the liberty of making some thorough inquiries into your background and prior activities. Please do not take offense, we discussed matters quite sensitive and quite important to me today. I understand that your former employers at the Hutt Cartel are offering a hundred thousand credits for your heads. Unlike most, I am not driven by motivations as gauche and plebian as the pursuit of credits, and even if I were a hundred thousand credits is a paltry sum to men of my standing. I broach this unpleasant subject with one goal: to make sure that we are on equal terms. You have sensitive information about me and I have sensitive information about you. Let us leave it at that.

But with that unpleasantness out of the way, I have to admit, I was impressed by some of what I uncovered about your previous employment history. I understand that you have robbed an Imperial beaurocrat and then framed him to take the attention of the authorities off of yourselves. Further, I understand that you crippled and Imperial power grid in order to do so. I admit, I was initially skeptical as to whether you possessed the skills necessary for a job of this scope given the commotion you caused at Convention Center and the inelegant manner in which you bumbled your way into my son-in-law’s home. I trust that those were uncharacteristic indiscretions.

Phase 1 – The Invitation

Some aspects of my plan were tailored to Mr. Bekks equipment and skillset, but I am nothing if not adaptable. I have altered some of the terms of our arrangement to better suite your skills. As I have stated, mine is a three phase plan. The first phase is securing an invitation to the auction and gala. I have identified three potential means of securing an invitation, and I will hereafter list them in order of preference.

First, as I mentioned before, the winner of the Cloud City Grand Prix will be invited. It is a old tradition on Cloud City that the Grand Prix Champion be an honorary invitee to all of Cloud City’s social events the week after the race. Marus Grayson will not like it, but the museum will honor this traditional in spite of any protestation Mr. Grayson will bring. For a Plaza Concourse business, it is better to alienate one off-worlder than it is to committ a faux pas and be shunned from the Plaza Concourse business community as a whole. I assume none of you brought a race-worthy speeder with you to Cloud City, but I am in the position to loan you a Storm IV Cloud Car.

Second, the Sabacc Tournament at the Yarith Bespin. Mr. Grayson has promised to invite the top three finalists at the tournament to the auction, probably with the hope that their newfound tournament winnings be used to bid.

Third, Mr. Grayson has been known to offer invitations to him events to those who enter his good graces.

I rank them as such because the Grand Prix is the most reliable option by my estimation: There is an element of luck and unpredictability to each of these methods, but in the Grand Prix many of the variables can be controlled. Competitors may be sabatoged, officials can be bribed, and I happen to own one of the fastest cloud cars in the city in my personal collection. The sabacc tournament will rely in great deal on the luck of the draw, and securing an invitation from Mr. Grayson himself would depend entirely on his whim.

Once you have secured an invitation, we shall proceed to phase two of the plan, the auction itself.

Phase 2 – The Gala

Once you have secured an invitation, it will be time to beging planning for the gala itself. Each invitation carries a +1, and should for whatever reason further back up be necessary, the invitation-holder may let a few more of you in throught he service entrance. Security will be heavy at the doors of course, but once inside the party will be crowded enough that a few extra faces are unlikely to draw notice (provided of course, that you all are dressed appropriately). I’ve managed to acquire a preliminary copy of the guest list, and it seems as if this gala will be one of the most well-attended events on the Plaza Concourse that night. It’s rumored that the baron administrator himself may make an appearance. Needless to say, I’d rather you not draw his attention.

The gemstone itself will be sold via silent auction, as is customary at Figgs&Associates. Once the auction begins, each guests interested in bidding on the stone will have an opportunity to submit a silent bid. At half-hour intervals, each bidder will be informed of the amount of highest bid, but not of identify of the bidder. Each bidder will then have the opportunity to submit a new bid. Officially, any guest may enter a bid, but there are only a few guests on the list who have the funds necessary to stand a chance of actually winning. Mr. Grayson knows who these guests are, and will have access to the bidding information in real time. Thus, high bids from someone he is not expecting will draw attention.

Your objective at the gala, as I mentioned previously, is twofold. First, you should take steps to drive up the bids for the gem. Remember, we will be stealing the winning bid, so we want that bid to be as high as possible. This will take some finesse and subterfuge on your part: I would recommend looking in to why each bidder wants the gem, and try to use those reasons against them while you are mingling at the gala. Admittedly, I had Mr. Bekk in mind, unexpectedly urbane given his job description as he was, when I constructed this part of the plan. Regardless, this step could potentially add tens of thousands of credits to our ultimate take, so if you can make an attempt without jeopardizing the job as a whole, it is worth an attempt.

Then on to the second and more important task. When the winning bid is announced, an on-site Cloud City Banking Authority will use a secure datapad to generate a matched pair of encryption/decryption keys. One key will be given to Mr. Grayson, and will be used to secure the gem and decrypt the winning bid transfer code. The other key will be given to the winning bidder, and will be used to encrypt the winning bid transfer code and unlock the gem’s holding vault. We need at least one of those keys for the final phase of the plan.

Phase 3 – The Heist

The final phase of the plan is simple in concept, but difficult in execution. The banks will be closed (and everyone will likely be inebriated), so the gem and money cannot change hands until the following morning. That gives you an eight hour window of opportunity to use the either (or preferably, both) of the keys you acquired at the gala to steal the Jewel of Yavin itself and empty the escrow account holding the winning bid.

Though your key will unlock the vault itself, you still have the security systems of the Museum as a whole to contend with. I will provide more details as soon as possible, but for not suffice it to say that you will have to deal with both guards and electronic security systems. Moreover, Mr. Grayson has retained the services of a private security team to guard the museum that night as well.

Emptying the escrow account will be a signifcantly more complicated matter. The Banking authority network itself is airtight, and even with the key, even gaining personal access to the system without authenticated identification is impossible. However, there might be a way of avoid the necessity of personal access. The Cloud City Banking Authority a fleet of several banking droids, stationed around Cloud City, which act as automated teller machines and informational services for the customers for the various financial institutions across the galaxy. You will need to acquire one of these droids, who I cannot imagine will come with you willingly. But once you have secured such a droid, you should in theory be able to fake an authorized transaction by overriding the droids AI. Once you have connected to the system via the droid, emptying the account using the key should be trivial.

Following that, and the safe delivery of the Jewel of Yavin to me, I will move the Jewel to be fenced. I will split the proceeds with you, and finally, my daughter will complete that favor you asked of her with regards to Mr. Bekk’s, or rather, your ship.

Then, we will part ways extremely wealthy men.

Our time frame is limited, and the clock is running. Do not disappoint me gentlemen.

Valus Shen



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