Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Imperial Suites

Location – Juuta’s Cantina, Nar Shaddaa Promenade
Time – 23:30

We got a simple job for you tonight: Break into a penthouse suite above the Promenade, relieve some fat Imperial bureaucrat with more credits than sense of his priceless trinket.

The newly appointed Imperial Customs Officer Daran Fahn is refusing to recognize the… understanding that his predecessor had with our boss, Needa the Hutt. He’s even had the gall to try and crack down on our operations here — the boss has had several crates of product confiscated this past week from his private spaceport.

See what Fahn needs to learn is that the Hutt Cartel owns this system, and Needa owns the Nar Shaddaa’s spice trade. Fahn think’s he’s untouchable up in his little penthouse suite overlooking the Promenade, but he needs to be shown that he’s wrong.

(Heh, look at this dweeb.)

Fahn is be travelling off-world on Imperial business and word is that his elite guards will be going with him for protection. In a couple of hours, the remaining guards will change shift, meaning that everyone in there is either about to go to sleep or have just woken up. The time is ripe for a bit of burglary.

Fahn keeps an heirloom, some trophy from his father’s service with the Imperial Navy, that he keeps in a secure display case made of cortosis-reinforced transparisteel alloy that’s wired into the alarm system. Whatever that trophy is, it must be pretty valuable for Fahn to have spent the credits on that kind of security. (Or at least, valuable enough to Fahn that it will hurt him to use it.) The display case is basically impenetrable. It’s also only 2 cubic meters in size. So you are going to steal the entire thing, bring it back to us, where we can blow it open at our leisure. Remember, if you cut the power, the entire alarm system should be inoperative.

I took the liberty of casing the place. His apartment has transparisteel walls so I was able see enough to draw up a pretty good map of the place just from taking a couple laps around it with my speeder. I did not see the display case, but Fahn, like most of his kind, probably keeps his treasures close to his heart, and far from his servants: I’d start with his study and his bedroom.

One last thing, just to make sure our dear friend Fahn gets the message, cause a little property damage. Slash some artwork, break a couple vases, get creative. Just make sure it gets the message across clearly: we can reach him in his home if we want to.

Kill any Fahn’s personal guard that you need to, but don’t let any of them set off the building alarm. That would alert the Imperials. Your gear is at the dead-drop on your map. This jobs pure sabaac. Should be hard to fuck up, even for us.

There’s no point in waiting. Promenade air traffic is almost non-existent at this time of night, and anyone who’s going to be asleep already is. It’s time to begin


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