Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Imperial Suites Debrief


At approximately 01:37 this morning, Rebel terrorists attacked the Promenade district of Nar Shaddaa. Investigators from the Imperial Security Bureau suspect that the terrorists exploited the weakness in the power grid at the Imperial Penthouse Suites, and purposefully triggered a chain reaction by simultaneously overloading the buildings top two generators. The power grid is shielded from power surges, but these particular two generators were temporarily set up to power adjacent buildings as well while the power grid is being overhauled. The Imperial Security Bureau is working to track down the potential security leak that allowed the Rebels to discern when the maintenance schedule of the power grid.

A suspicious speeder was seen fleeing the Promenade shortly after the attack.

If anybody has information as to the whereabouts of this speeder and who may have been piloting it, please call the Imperial Security Bureau office on Nar Shaddaa.

In other news, Imperial Customs Officer Darahn Fahn was found in possession of a large amount of contraband materials. Officer Fahn lived in the Imperial Suite building, but has gone missing. Imperial Security Bureau investigators uncovered evidence that Officer Fahn may have been taking bribes from known criminal organizations. The potential connection between Fahn and the Rebel terrorist attack is currently being investigated.


From: R3el0.narshaddaa.m1225g1


Well… that was… done with significantly less finesse than I would have preferred. I had to ditch my slicer console, because ISB got a trace on it. I took a pretty big risk securing that speeder for you. ISB really does not like people slicing into their traffic network. Still, in the end, Fahn is out the way and his successor will know how dangerous it is not to cooperate with the Hutt Cartel.

We are disturbed at this news that the Fahn was cooperating with the Black Sun however… We are in the heart of Hutt Space, a sublight hop from Nal Hutta, the Hutt homeworld. The Black Sun has never been bold enough to try and operate here before.

Oh and about this lightsaber. It’s not working. See in the early days of the Empire, the Imperials had a bounty out on the “Jedi traitors”. They would pay for lightsabers, since Jedi were apparently never supposed part with theirs or whatever. However, Needa had a nice racket going where we had a contact in the Imperial Navy giving us the collected lightsabers, and we’d turn around and sell them to the lazier bounty hunters, who would in turn sell them back to the Imperials. They got wise and took to disabling them though, by removing the crystals and power supplies.

Here, keep it. Maybe you’ll be able to use it to intimidate some idiots. Just don’t let the Imperials catch you with it.

- R


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