Dejarik Entertainment Unit Turned Assault Robot

Species: Droid
Age: 4
Height: 5’10"
Build: Modified C-Series 1
Career: Hired Gun
Specializations: Mercenary Soldier

Chassis is painted white. Chest cavity can fold out to produce a mini dejarik table.

1 C-4ES was upgraded with a myriad of parts from other lines of protocol droids, including 5YQ, GE3, and especially M-3PO.


  • Blaster Rifle
  • Comlink (Long Range)

A heavily modified 3PO droid originally used by Needa the Hutt as a Dejarik table/opponent. However, when business began to turn downhill, Needa had to repurpose some of his toys.

Needa uses the droid to oversee his “contract workers” and keep tabs on their activities. C-4 himself has no authority over his co-workers, but does automatically report their activity and movements back to Needa.

The switch from “entertainment device” to “field operative” is somewhat jarring for C-4, but he’s decided to treat his new occupation no different than the old one, in that he treats his missions like a game of Dejarik, and his allies like pieces on the board.


Having equated his new life as a warmonger to his old life as a dejarik table, C-4ES has decided to be a Grandmaster at both. He aims to perfect all martial arts, all commonly-used weapons, military vehicles, tactics, the whole deal.

There’s always need for a someone with such a skillset somewhere in the Galaxy. After all, who wouldn’t want a War Encyclopedia that can provide demonstrations?

Obligation: Obsession with COMPETITION

When C-4ES was remodeled, his core programming was changed little. After all, a highly-competitive game such as dejarik is not so different from a battlefield, right?

As such, if C-4 goes too long without competing in some form or another, be it dice, cards, or a friendly (brutal) game of dejarik (shootout), he will feel compelled to undertake some competitive challenge with any players available, regardless of whether or not they want to or whther they’re even aware that they’re playing.

Potential Triggers Include:
  • Going too long without competing.
  • Someone claiming or described to be better than C-4 at one of C-4’s self-identified “areas of expertise.” (E.g. martial arts, all commonly-used weapons, military vehicles, tactics, etc.).


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