Harido Gen

"World's Worst Smuggler"

Species: Rodian
Age: ??
Height: 5’5"
Build: Slim
Eyes: Bug
Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Theif

Harido Gen has lived on Nar Shaddaa for as long as he remembers. His parents seemd to have been involved with the Hutts in some way. His father died when he was young, rumors say it was during a botched heist attempt, others say he flushed himself out an airlock along with his smuggled goods.

Harido Gen grew up on the streets of Nar Shaddaa, doing what all kids do at that age. Lying, cheating, stealing, fighting. He met and befriended a young Reelo. And its thanks to this friendship that later in life Harido always had a steady line of work from Needa.

While working for Needa, Harido has developed the nickname “The world’s worst smuggler.” From botched smuggling attempts to fumbled distractions, Harido lately only gets the easiest of work (Thanks Reelo!) Except no one really knows that nick name since who wants to hire a bad smuggler?


A job is a job! Harido has to pay for his lifestyle of gambling somehow!

Obligation: Duty-Bound

Reelo is a childhood friend, he wouldnt want to disappoint him would he?

Potential Triggers include:
  • Opportunities to improve/preserve Reelo’s opinion of him.
  • Threats to Reelo’s safety.

Harido Gen

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