Jeran Cyran

Sabbac-Obsessed Dark Side "Adept"

Species: Human
Age: 33
Height: 5’10"
Build: Lean
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Career: Colonist
Specializations: Politico

Jeran was the son of a prominent Imperial politician, and grew up in the lap of luxury on Coruscant. With the backing of his father’s political influence and wealth, nothing should have stopped Jeran from succeeding and becoming a prominent political force within the Galactic Empire – but, despite his distinct talent for influencing others, the young Jeran seemed to be more concerned with playing sabacc at seedy cantinas than he was with inheriting his father’s legacy. Jeran’s father tolerated his hedonistic and immature tendencies for many years before Jeran managed to push him to the breaking point – Jeran was caught cheating at sabacc in a particularly unfriendly cantina, and savagely beaten within an inch of his life. Jeran’s life was saved thanks to a large investment of his father’s resources, but this time there was no preventing the story from getting out. The father’s political enemies were quick to spin, and it didn’t take long before the situation had erupted into a full-blown scandal. Feeling left with no other real choice, the father disowned Jeran, telling him to never return.

Since recieving a strange mark on his left hand from the Queen of Beggars in Nar Shaddaa’s undercity, Cyan has felt a strange affinity with the dark side of the force…


Jeran wants to gain power and prominence by his own means, but ultimately he just has daddy iss—wants his father to respect him.

Obligation: Obsession with Sabacc

Jeran is obsessed with the card game Sabacc. He feels uncomfortable if he does not have a deck with him, and often makes outlandish metaphors relating things to it.

Potential Triggers Include
  • Opportunities to play and win (or lose) big.

Jeran Cyran

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