Rodian Fixer


Reelo was your contact within the Hutt Cartel. He was a fixer — Needa the Hutt or one of lieutenants will tell him what they want done, and Reelo’s job will be to gather intel, assemble a team, provide equipment, arrange transportation, and report the status of the jobs back to Needa. During your tenure as part of the Hutt Cartel, Reelo was often the voice on the other side of your comm-link. Reelo has a smart mouth, a spice problem, and a tendency to drink an inappropriate times. He was tolerated by Needa and his lieutenants because he is very good at his job.

Since Needa’s assassination, Reelo has escaped Nar Shaddaa and is currently in hiding. Luckily, Reelo seems to have a lot of contacts and friends across many different systems.


Reelo responds to any questions about his past with a hiccup and a rude gesture.

Wears an old pair of dog tags, and is suspected that he and Caer Oktra’ag know each other because of some shared military history. Reelo doesnt seem like much of a soldier, however.


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