Map of Figgs & Associates Art Museum

Please find attached a map of the Figgs & Associates Art Museum. The image itself is taken from the visitor’s kiosk at the museum, and I have taken the liberty of annotating the night guard’s patrol route. Please remember, however, that Grayson has retained additional security while the Jewel of Yavin is being held in the Museum. – Valus Shen

Mostly human, core and mid rim worlders. High to upper-middle class visitors. They are polite to aliens but the women seem to clutch their purse and eye them suspiciously.

Each room ismonitored by a security camera, small and concealed at a corner in the rooms ceiling.

Electro railing are proximity triggered fields. There are signs prominently displayed saying that exhibits are protected by electric fields which will shock anyone who touches them.


1. Main entrance
a. Heavy blast doors close off museum to the public after closing
2. Reception
a. Statute of Ecclessis Figg, founder of Cloud City.
b. Lutrillan receptionist named Nallith. Protocol droid C3-B8 helpps Nallith with translation.
3. Permanent Exhibition: Beauty of Bespin
a. Impressive containers installed along the hallway house shifting cloudscapes rendered in colored gasses held in place by energy fields.
b. “Found art” by artist Xicanu
4. Permanent Exhibition: The Clone Wars
a. Statues and holopics depicting key battles and moments in the Clone Wars.
b. Artists seem to be mostly from the core worlds.
c. (Mostly all clear pro Palpatine/Imperial propaganda. Obviously, no Jedi are depicted.)
d. Single exception: Artist Ro Tukk from Tattooine, who did a single holopic depicting the non-humans who served the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. It is not prominently displayed.
5. Temporary Exhibition: Massassi Temple Yavin IV
a. Holopics of a archeological site on Massassi Temple. Recorded audio details an expedition of a team of xenoarcheologists from the University of Coruscant to this fourth jungle moon in the Yavin system.
b. Marus Grayson is named as one of the primary financiers for the expedition, which was undertaken with Imperial Sanction.
c. Some recovered information on the ancient Massassi Civilization. (Obvs no mention of force sensitivity of the species or their subservience to the ancient sith.).
6. Temp Exhibition: Massassi Artifacts
a. Stuff taken back from the site including but not limited to:
i. A large stone relief, part of the temple wall, depicting Massassi Warriors standing rank and file around a large jewel. Over the warrior’s figures can be seen a familiar symbol… the one on Cyan’s hand.
1) The info kiosk says the warriors seem to be in the middle of some “ancient religious rite” in preparation for battle.
ii. Statues of three robed figures. The statutes are different sizes but all of them depict the same three figures standing in a triangle formation.The one in the middle seems human, but the other two are clearly Massassi.
iii. A starmap carved into a solid black stone slab.
1) Kiosk says it’s the view of the night sky from the archeological site.
7. Temp Exhibition: Massassi Artifacts Continued
a. All the valuable stuff is in this room.
i. The Jewel of Yavin is prominently displayed in the center of the room, in a tube shaped case.
ii. An ancient ornately jeweled vibroblade. The blade is embossed with swirling designs, and it quite clearly ceremonial in nature, rather than an effective weapon.
8. Maintenance Room.
a. Off limits to visitors.
9. Tapcafe
a. Industrian Automaton Cook Droid tends the counter.
b. Refreshments include a variety of snack foods and cold drinks (all non-alcoholic).
10. Gift Shop
a. Portable holopics and scale models of exhibits.
b. Books containing artist biographies, (imperially sanctioned) histories, etc.)
11. Staff Only.
a. Off limits to visitors.

Map of Figgs & Associates Art Museum

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