Project Eclipse

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…of the Imperial Navy Military Technology Institute

Project Memorandum

…associations with Prince Xizor and his Black Sun organization is less than ideal to say the least, the cooperation of this Vigo Tul Zera has been invaluable. In course of their various extra-legal enterprises, Vigo Zera and his lieutenants systematically rounding up potential test subjects that populate his area of operation.

As we supply his organization with experimental technologies, the human-dominated Black Sun will have an advantage over, and easily begin to displace the alien-dominated Hutt Cartel.

Moreover, Grand Moff Dureya and the Moffs of the outer rim territories will enjoy greater stability in our respective governances, being relieved of undesirables. After all, these test subjects are all vagabonds, street scum, and prostitutes, no one who will be missed by anyone of consequence, detritus collected from the edge of the Empire.

It is, quite frankly, a win-win situation. Vigo Zera has been instrumental in providing us with the large amount of test subjects Project Eclipse needs to produce even a small number of potential candidates, in a manner that does not disrupt the day to day operation of the Empire.

As Dr. Gro’Tukk closes in of the means by which the ancient Massassi conferred heightened force sensitivity to their most physically capable of warriors, we are closer than ever before of achieving our ultimate goal of…

….ntake for 2.4.0047…

X106 Alcina Serrano 35 F Twi’Lek Corellia Y
X107 Archlonus Thegas 30 M Bothan Ploven Y
X108 Armande Mattac 12 M Human Tattooine Y
X109 Bendak Forbert 11 M Bothan Bothawui Y
X110 19 F Gand .. Y
X111 Darin Monnrider 28 M Xexto ..n Y
X112 Eboi Meln 56 F Deveronian Corellia Y
X113 Fiorenzano Hooge 6 F Human Corellia Y
X114 Glecka Triball F Human Nar Shaddaa Y
X115 Jasmille Mohebbi 32 F Human Nar Shaddaa Y
X116 Kainite Stoma 88 M Deveronian Deveron Y


… for…. dates

1,500,000c Tul Zera Delivery of subjects
….. ….
2,000,000c Scon Dureya ….
….. ….
….. Cag’Jufo ….


Project Overseer: Inquisitor Noctis, Hand of the Emperor
Head of Research: Dr. Gro’Tukk

Project Recruitment

’Tukk recommends protege, Dr. Shreya Ordassa, prior communications have been


A leak has been identified. A team has been dispatched.


Project Eclipse

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