Cloud City

Cloud City is an outpost and a tibanna gas mining colony above the planet Bespin, named as such because it was perpetually surrounded by giant clouds. The city floats 60,000 kilometers above the core of the gas giant. It contains a large and famous luxury resort district on its upper levels, complete with hotels and casinos.

The Tourist District

The upper levles of Cloud City are given over primarily to resorts, hotels, casinos museums, theaters, boutiques, restaurants, and other attractions. The area is regularly patroolled by the WIng Guard and monitored by security cameras and observation droids.

The plaza level is open to the Bespin Sky and resemebles a pedestrial-friendly city on a planet surface complete with tasteful parks and high-rise structures.

Port Town

Port Town’s the “seedier” part of Cloud City (though its still nicer than most of Nar Shaddaa). Most of the mining supplies and exports go through here. This area is a buffer zone between the rough and tumble Industrial Levels and the upper class Tourist District, and its where the rougher elements of Cloud City can be found, often rubbing shoulders with some of the more adventurous tourist who venture down here against the Cloud City Administration’s advice.

The Industrial Levels

These regions comprise tibanna gas mining and processing equipment, including carbonite freezing facilities. The industrial levels also include the necessities for maintaining Cloud City’s operations such as power generation, altitude montoring, sewage processing etc.

Cloud City’s working class live and work in these levels and view this sector as their home turf. The unforunate tourist who occasionally wanders down here are treated with contempt and outright hostility.

Cloud City

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