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Our schedule is other Sunday. Our next session is IDK When Khlan Comes Back to Life Maybe?.

For current credit and XP totals, as well as the party’s current status, click here.

The Story So Far…

ACT II: The Jewel of Yavin
Briefings & Debriefings
C-4ES Match Logs
Harido Gen’s Logs
ACT I: Nar Shaddaa Nights

Administrative Crap

Drop-in Policy

If you want to drop in for a session, just show up to the Google Hangout and have ready a character made using the Character Creator.

Don’t worry about a backstory for the first session, but I will ask you for a short one for the second. Like literally just explain your obligation, motivation, and career that you chose during character creation.

Alternatively you can grab a pre-gen from the publisher’s website.

Drop-out Policy

Just let me know as far ahead of time as possible.

I’ll figure out a way to stick your PC in a freezer for however long you need to be gone, and if you have a suggestion for how you want to be written out I will probably use it.


House Rules and Errata

Cheat sheets.

Setting Information

Edge of the Empire’s default setting, (which we are using) takes place immediately after the destruction of the Death Star (I.E. Right after the end of A New Hope, and about 3 years before the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.)

The destruction of Alderaan and of the Death Star is still very much present in everyone’s mind. The Rebel Alliance is experiencing a dramatic rise in popular opinion and experiencing a surge in recruitment.

Because of the leak of the Death Star plans, the Empire undertook something of a witch-hunt and there was a large purge of “anyone who even had access to and maybe once thought about looking at” the Death Star plans. Right now the mid-level civil management of the Empire is filled with young overeager upstarts, fresh out of the Imperial Academy, eager to prove that they are more competent and dilligent than their predecessors.

In the name of galactic security, the Empire has imposed new travel and trade restrictions on travel from the Outer- and Mid-Rim systems and have ramped up its human supremacist policies in the name of “uncovering and neutralizing the Rebel terrorist threat.”


Cloud City

Nar Shaddaa – Red District

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