Red District

Sky Level

The Red Palace

Needa’s Casino and base of operations are at the topmost level of the Red District. The Red palace is a giant pyramid that can be seen for hundreds of miles.

Casino Level

The main casino floor of the Red Palace. Every form of gambling that exists in the galaxy has some presence here. It is divided into three main areas:

  • Sabbacc and Pazaak Tables
  • Lugjack Slot Machines
  • Bookie (betting on Swoop Races and Arena fights, both of which are shown in large holoscreens)

From here, there are elevators to the following floors.

  • Offices (including Cag’Jufo’s Office)
  • Guest Suites

The Arena

Arguably the Red District’s most popular attraction, the arena houses prize fight before crowds of cheering fans. Combatants fight until a fighter is disabled, usually either by being knocked unconscious or held in a grapple for 10 seconds. It is a brutal affair and combatant deaths (both accidental and “accidental”) are quite common. Combatants specialize in either unarmed combat or the use of a staff.

Winning combatants are paid a percentage of how many bets they generate. Thus publicity is an important part of making a living as an arena combatant, and the most successful (and richest) combatants are major celebrities on Nar Shaddaa.

  • Ticket Office
  • Locker Room

Needa’s Throne Room

Needa’s throne room is at the top of the Red Palace, overlooking the arena. Needa opens the large viewport window to watch some of the biggest arena games, but most of the time that window is closed. Arena combatants consider it the highest of honors if Needa opens his window to view their fight.

Needa typically does not grant audience to visitors, and most of his affairs are conducted via his lieutenants, who answer to his Majordomo, Cag’Jufo.

The Bazaar Level

The middle level of the Red District is the bazaar. Here, one can acquire almost any black market item (except for the items that Needa personally proscribes).

Weapons, spice, slaves, pirated software, and stolen hardware, whatever you need, someone at the bazaar will probably sell it to you. However, due to recent Imperial crackdowns, everything is a little more expensive than usual.

  • Apartment Buildings (containing Harido Gen’s Apartment).

Madame Sadeet’s

Whether you like them male, female, or something in between, humanoid or quadrapedal, warm-blooded or cold, Madame Sadeet probably has someone to fit your particular lusts… for a price.

The Mynock Drop

It’s a large dive bar that serves the… colorful clientele that the bazaar attracts. Reelo is a regular here, and is good friends with the owner.

Surface Level

The bottom level of the Red District is houses the roughest elements of the Red District. Among the junkies and hookers, swoop gangs compete for territory and status through races and through violent confrontation.

The Flophouse

A capsule hotel where one can cheaply rent a capsule to sleep in for the night. Each capsule (or as some locals call it, “coffin”) is a 1.5mx1.5mx3m area that contains a mattress.

The clientele of this place is mostly spice junkies and pickpockets. Keep an eye on your credit stick if you come here.

The Swoop Track

This are is less of a “track,” and more of a series of alleyways the locals know to stay out of if they don’t want to get run over. During “official” races, camera droids float above the track and broadcast the race to the bookie’s office in the Red Palace. However, there are far more unofficial races than official races, and among the Undercity street thugs, such races are the preferred means of settling disputes.

Qatja’s Garage

Qatja‘s Garage buys and sells used swoop bikes, airspeeders and landspeeders, as well as providing repair, maintenance and customization services. The Garage’s primary clientele are the many swoop bike racers on the Surface level of the Red District, who frequently need repairs and are always looking for custom engine modifications that might give them an edge over other racers.

It is an open secret that Qatja’s Garage is a front for a chop-shop, and most of the aftermarket parts that can be purchased there are taken off of stolen vehicles. Qatja will also purchase stolen vehicles, and will pay a premium for vehicles with rare or expensive after-market mods.

The Clinic

The Undercity Medical Clinic performs a variety of services ranging from triage medical care to organ transplant (and harvesting) to the installation of black-market cybernetics.

Red District

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